A.W. and Hilda Singer Scholarship Endowment-Science (Tennessee Technological University)

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Amount: Varies
Awards: 1
Deadline: Dec 15
College Level: Freshman - Senior
School: Tennessee Technological University
Major: Science
Religion: Jewish
Link: Website
For general information regarding all Tennessee Technological University scholarships, including the application process, please visit the Tennessee Technological University page.


Scholarship available to a prospective or current student in good standing in accordance with the current institutional policies; must be pursuing a degree in a field of science (biology, chemistry, physics, and earth sciences) in the College of Arts and Sciences; must be a U. S. citizen. Priority should be given to the applicant exhibiting the greatest financial need. Initial annual award consideration will be made to qualified applicants who are members of the Jewish faith. The scholarship award will be presented for a one year period. Previous recipients are encouraged to reapply annually.

Application Process

Go to http://www.tntech.edu/scholarships/ to get started.

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